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Keysmart for EDC: A Review of the Pocket Saving Keychain

keysmart-review-for-edcI have always hated having to much stuff in my pants pockets. I wear a button up shirt so I can leave my phone in my shirt pocket. I dump my change every couple days into a bucket. I really hate bulging pants pockets.

What do I keep in my pants pockets? Money and my car keys on one side, and a pocket knife and my other keys on the other side. And it still feels like it is to much. I don’t like that huge “smart key” that my new car came with, but I deal with it. My other keys tend to bulge up into a sharp metal ball in my other pocket and it drives me crazy. I am actually tempted to get a keypad lock for my door so I can eliminate another key from my pocket, and maybe I can leave my PO Box key in the glovebox…

When I saw the Keysmart, I thought “this is the product for me”. It still took me a while to actually get one. Possibly because of the $20 price tag, possibly because I could probably build one for less. I mean, it is only two pieces of metal held together with a threaded rivet and a screw. I think I still have my threaded rivet gun in a box somewhere…

Well I broke down and got one anyway. Maybe I’m just too lazy to dig through the boxes for the tools and parts to build it. I ordered the 2-10 key kit that comes with the expansion. I only have 4 keys, so I didn’t think I needed the expansion. I was wrong.

As it comes, you can put two keys on either side if you remove the little key ring holder. However, I decided to put the expansion kit on. With it, I was easily able to put 3 keys on one side, and a generous use of spacers allowed me to put 1 key, and the key ring thing on the other side. Unfortunately, one of my keys has the hole side, and not the center so this makes the fit a bit awkward, but I can deal with it. Maybe I’ll just drill a new hole in that key.

keysmart-for-edcHow does the Keysmart work?

I will admit, I really like the keysmart. It holds my keys together and keeps them from bulging up, or poking me in the leg. It almost works too well. I sometimes, I can’t tell the keysmart is in my pocket and I leave the house and panic because I think I left my keys inside.

Now I do think $20 is a bit pricy for this, but I am a cheap bastard. To be honest, even if I made this myself, it would likely take me more then an hour… so $20 isn’t really that bad. I also seriously doubt that this could hold more then 8 keys (even with the expansion). But for the 4 keys that I have in it, it does what it is intended to do, and it does it well.

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