There isn’t much in this world I cherish more than my own life, don’t you? 

Sound’s selfish maybe but it’s all I have in the end and from where I see it troubles not far off.

I’m not talking legal trouble or marriage troubles but the fate of the nation.

Each week for the past several months when I watch the news there’s rioting or protest going on about something. Murder of police, arson, looting and beatings of those who agree or disagree doesn’t seem to matter as it’s a situation of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The news seems to make their stories about convenient places, especially large cities where lots of people are gathered so the footage can be more salacious and the spectacle grander.

What do we citizens do to survive the possible melee?

It’s not a simple task I propose but I’ll do my very best to give what suggestions I can.

We all think of the basics, food, water and protection, all vital and necessary but you forget the most valuable aspect, you’re state of mind.

It’s easy to forget how anxious and afraid you may have become about the uncertainty after the elections.

Many of us have been waiting for the 2nd stimulus to be finalized and in Washington they’re playing politics with our lives and this too has led to stress for many who desperately need the money to make it another month.

When I talk about your state of mind, I’m talking about the daily rigors you face with providing for your family, your job if your work, paying your bills on time so you’re not forced out into homelessness and lastly, the constant worry about what’s around the corner after the elections no matter who is the victor.

How do you deal with them in a constructive manner?

Many of us ask ourselves the same questions and don’t have an answer handy.

Let’s see if what I’m writing can help you organize not only your mental but physical preparation too.

First, you deal with family issues like rent, electric, water, food and transportation.

All these things take money to resolve, but where does it come from and is there going to be enough? Sometimes, it just doesn’t exist and if it does it doesn’t go as far as we need it to.

Having a roof over your head is important, having power and water is too. We are no longer nomadic living off the land and dying in our 30’s, we’ve grown into a population of need. We live longer, have found ourselves in need of necessities even our grandparents didn’t have. Electronics, fast food and health programs for those who qualify.

If you are without resources, I suggest you contact your state’s Medicaid program and apply for emergency everything you can get. They’ll provide food assistance, medical care, help paying bills and it’s even more so if you have dependents living with you.

Your pride may be the only thing preventing you from getting all the assistance you need in about a week.

Yes, I know this was about surviving post November 3 elections and it is, it’s about taking the mental pressure off you and accepting help that you desperately may require.

OK, now we’ve covered that and now let’s talk about provisioning. 

The primary need is for folks to know what and how much they consume each week per number of persons in the home and please be realistic.

We sometimes don’t take into consideration coffee, creamer, cigarettes and drinks besides water. If you had to chose what could you give up out of these items? Hard choice isn’t it?

Next. Let’s talk about food you require. Even the skimpiest diet should be no less than 1,200 calories per day. That may be one meal or several small ones during the day.

Foods high in protein that won’t break the bank for price. Eggs, beans, chicken, oats, cheese, milk, fresh green vegetables, lean meats, tuna, bread, fish and peanut butter.

Not an appetizing venue maybe but most can be purchased relatively inexpensively, stored for long-term and provide the sustenance you need.

Proving yourself with consumable products has become easy with long storage canned good available and getting store brands can save you a lot of money and last for a long time. Being foolish in your choices will be a long-term disaster.

What else? We each have our preferences to things we buy and consume, often unnecessary treats that have no nutritional value and high prices, that same money spent of necessary items could save your life.

Not least, is pure water. We each one of us require water to drink far more often than we think. We each take it for granted, its just a turn of the tap and it’s there, convenient and plentiful. True, but for how long?

The countries infrastructure isn’t national it comes down to municipal providers. There are more than 3,500 counties and 19, 945 cities and towns in America. Each individual city has its own resources they provide their citizens.

In a conversation with a friend he brought up private wells and septic systems, it’s true there are homes still configured that way but without electricity it too grinds to a halt.

Storing drinking water is also a necessity, but how much is enough? We have to consider a minimum of ½ gallon per person per day.

For a family of 3, that means 2 gallons per day, 14 gallons per week; a total of 56 gallons per month. That’s for consumption not washing clothes, showers, doing dishes or anything else and those other activities may become very selective or stop all together.

During the 30’s when the Great Depression was at its peak, cleanliness was not a factor most homeless and starving people were thinking about. They dealt with dirty clothing, unwashed bodies, unshaven faces and many nowhere to sleep but in doorways and in makeshift shelters.

Could this become the next phase of your life too? Yes…unequivocally.

We each think we’ll be ok. Think again. What makes you special? What do you think will save your beacon when others will be doing for themselves first for their families with nothing to share?

Let’s get back to storing water. The cheapest way is filling containers you can carry, that means 8.3 pounds per gallon. A 5-gallon container will weigh 42 pounds plus weight of the container, not exactly convenient unless kept in your home for daily use. The next reasonable method is one-gallon jugs or bottles water, the latter is prepackaged and stackable. Most bottled water can be had at Walmart, Sam’s Club for around $3.00 for a 40- 16.9-ounce bottle case or 5.3 gallons per case.

My response as to how many you should but is simple a minimum of 10 cases or 53 gallons on hand. Should last 4 people a month just for drinking, more if you can afford it.

What about cutting your costs? Electric, transportation, treats you buy for yourself and others?

If you work, it’s important you get there. Conserve on gas traveling only when necessary. Fuel prices are low at this time and storing away four – 5-gallon cans of gas for future use is not an unfeasible option if you can.

Accommodations are vital too. Can you afford to pay your mortgage or rent? Millions are without a means to do so because of the pandemic screwup of our administrations causing mandatory lockdowns for 6 weeks or longer.

So, what do you do if you’re in such a predicament? Possibly staying with family or friends? How long will that situation last when your relying on their dwindling resources too?

Probably one or two months at most. What then…things will get dire and you could end up homeless.

These are only helpful hints and hopefully they will serve you well.

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