Personal Protection Following the 2020 Elections

People all over are scared and worried and the elections are only days away; what will the outcome set off?

We read and hear about conspiracy theories consisting of riots, home invasions, marauding groups invading your neighborhood taking what they can find and leaving corpses in their wake of those who fought back – is that really a sane way of belief? 

We do have police that will maintain the peace for a time and if they are unable a national guard that can be called up to support them.

I live in Florida and there are fewer than 10,000 national guard men and women that comprise those forces. Will all the police and national guard comply when their own families may be at risk too? You nor I can answer that, we can only speculate.

The next resource is the military of this country that can be brought to bear in the case of declared martial law.

What constitutes martial law be enacted? It’s during a national emergency in time of war, rebellion or natural disaster. There are two types of martial law: 

  1. Qualified – Military aids civilians law enforcement.
  2. 2. Absolute – Military has complete authority over law enforcement.

The Posse Comitatus Act is a federal law which limits the powers of the federal government in the use of military in domestic areas.

People are already bickering about their civil rights being violated. Gun and ammunition sales have soared through the roof to all-time highs.

Civilians who have no experience with firearms or never thought they too would ever possess one are scared for their families and themselves and that panic has caused them too, to make that purchase.

Do you own a gun? What is your idea of personnel protection? Will you use it wisely?

These are a few of the things I will discuss in this article.

You see NO TRESPASS signs on properties in all neighborhoods and in rural areas especially. Will a sign stop a person from access if they have intent – NO.

Will you defend your property by taking a life? The likely answer is NO, you’ll hesitate like every other reasonable and moral person.

I’m not saying its wrong or immoral to protect your family, even killing in self defense if you must, but it’s a very hard and stressful decision.

Don’t let someone’s bravado and bluster when they talk, saying, “Yeah, no sweat, I’ll blow their ass away”. That person is a fool and usually a liar. We all hesitate even a seasoned military person who has taken life before isn’t willing to openly kill without provocation.

You will identify a real threat by simple steps: intent will be quite obvious, nervousness that is visible – they may have others circling up behind you are you’ll notice head or eye movement indication something is out of place and you should become aware and alert. People coming in a small group bearing arms, a family with children, your own family members or extended relatives may show up too – what then?

Look, Observe, Verify and Enforce – LOVE is a new vernacular and usage.

Look at their actions first threat or fear?

Observe their body language – is it nervous, gestured and animated (DANGER!)

Verify what their purpose is if you choose to ask or they want to talk, but in all instances stay in a place of protection as a sniper may pick you off.

Enforce your decisions with whatever means you have available. If they are persistent the use of deadly force may be your only means.

It’s not an easy decision for anyone.

Good luck and God Bless America.

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