What happens before the SHTF?

Now that I have shared my feelings on surviving when the SHTF I want to get something straight regarding prepping.

Prepping is a misnomer because it assumes a person has one motive for doing so when many things you may have thought of as well as many levels of “getting ready” for some event is beyond your control.

1st – The first conscious effort is actually mental. The person has to believe that something is afoot before beginning to make an effort at gathering information about what they should have, where if any they should go or decide to stay put and how to assemble the articles they need.

The Reason – The reasons for preparing can be for natural or manmade disasters but another aspect should be in case of financial hardship or due to an accident that may prevent the person from working and contributing to this effort.

Next Step – The next step is making a list and preparing to spend the requisite time and money to get supplies. For many this achievement is a difficult and long process due to a shortage of money outside of monthly household expenses. This process can be achieved if the person is willing to put aside a minimum of $20 per week. This gathering of goods may occur all at once or in small weekly steps until it’s accumulated.

The list for either type of occurrence should be the same:

  • Drinking Water – water acquisition and purification methods
  • Food – foodstuffs both short-term and long-term
  • Shelter – for staying put or leaving their locale for safety reasons
  • Knowing What to Do – planning an emergency evacuation route in the case you may be unable to remain in your home
  • Transportation – whether by vehicle at an appointed time they feel danger is imminent by RV, truck, van or automobile since traveling with supplies and people require transport capable of this effort.

In case of emergency when all other means of vehicular transport are impossible due to blocked roadways or no means of getting fuel bicycle or walking carrying what can be may be the only way

  • Protection – no one wants to be required to harm another human being but the time may come when you haven’t a choice. In times of turmoil and chaos people become erratic and violent in their behaviors. In cities or large communities there will be organized groups such as street gangs armed and dangerous more than willing and capable of robbing you of your goods, your life or your humanity
  • Diligence and Common Sense – in an effort to be civil people will think coming into contact with others presents no harm – you may be absolutely wrong and traveling discreetly at night when the darkness can benefit you in hiding may save your life. You must trust no one.
  • Group Survival – if you have a tight knit group of family members or friends you have a common goal, common levels of preparation and willingness to share knowledge and skills you have a better chance of survival. But BE FOREWARNED, DO NOT share your information openly with anyone, just because someone is a family member or friend if they too have not followed your rules on preparing to fend for themselves and their own family they should not be included and may openly present a danger to the group as a whole by betrayal out of desperation, drug addiction or because they are a despicable person and every family has them of that there is no denial.

Dealing with those who would betray you or try to take from you by force?

While we were not placed on this Earth to take a life it may become necessary and better to shoot in self defense than causing yourself or others to die because you were unable to pull that trigger.

The person who would betray you is the most dangerous of all as someone in your group will be a bleeding heart and show compassion behind the groups back causing a huge risk for everyone by providing food, equipment or just sharing information about the group’s activities. This person will have to be dealt with as well as they may have created an event where the betrayer who has this knowledge may sell it for a nickel bag of dope to feed their craving not caring about the person or group who has that info may use it to attack the group.

This information provided is all about living or dying the choice is completely up to you.

Dying is easy the living more difficult.

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