The Collapsing Economic House of Cards

World Economic Collapse is Right Around the Corner

greek-economic-collapseWhen Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou (born in Minnesota) presented information of Greece’s economic problems in Washington recently comparing what is happening to the Great Depression and America’s Great Recession and talked about the run on Greek banks where billions of Euro’s have been withdrawn in the past week sending ripples that global strife may just be around the corner.

I wrote about situations getting grim when a global financial collapse happens well it has begun.

How can I make such a prediction?

I’m not an economist and predicting the ‘when’ and ‘where’ it will happen; would be as accurate as my predicting when man will colonize Mars. If you have spent any time since 2008 when America’s housing bubble burst and the stock market took a nose dive, it’s happening right now elsewhere in Europe where several economies are teetering on the edge of the financial abyss.

If Greece defaults on its debts and it certainly looks like it may happen then other European money managers will start withdrawing their money and a panic (Great Depression) will occur and down it all comes, even here when it looks as though our economy is stabilizing.

Many of the largest US banks issued default insurance to the bank lending “bailout money” to Greece. If Greece defaults these same American banks have to cover the billions in losses. Hence these are American banks and that will hit our economy hard.

Another situation that would hit the European Union is Greece’s pulling out of the Euro zone. It would have devastating effects all across Europe raising lending rates and causing people to stop spending.

So what do we do to protect ourselves should this happen and how long do we have before it affects us in America?

Protecting yourself is the single most important part of my next words.

When it becomes apparent this default has begun in earnest it will be time to do five things if you haven’t already and I pray that many of you have begun.

  1. Water

Have an EMERGENCY stash of drinking water in your home to cover at least 30-days needs per person. It is a necessity we have water for drinking and hygiene. Bottled water is fairly easy to acquire in any Wal-Mart store in 35 (16.0 ounce) bottle cases that is 4.62 gallons of fresh drinking water per case. A person can survive on 64 ounces of water a day if little activity is done. With an increase in activity and depending on the climate 1-1/2 gallons is not an uncommon need.

So the minimum requirement per person for 30-days at 64-ounces per day is 15 gallons, plus non-drinking water from the tap of at least 5-gallons for basic hygiene and I’m not talking a hot shower but a sponge bath.

A wise purchase is a high quality water purification device and extra filters. Costly yes but how do you put a price on your family and your life?

  1. Food

We need sustenance to live also but not in the mass quantities we consume every day. The average American consumes 2-3 pounds of food a day some far more as is apparent in our countries obesity. In more dire times food will become scarce and harder to acquire. When this situation happens prices of consumable goods will increase to a point many will be unable to get something to eat.

How much food do you need? I always try to work in measurable quantities and that measure is 30-day increments.

What is important is you being practical and not going nuts buying all this freeze dried, dehydrated and meals-ready-to-eat packages when it’s not necessary. You don’t eat these at every meal at least I hope you don’t.

Store foods that you normally eat and like: canned goods (corn, meats, beans, potatoes, fruit, canned milk and soups), dry items such as pasta, beans, sugar, salt, coffee,tea, honey and pepper.

OK but how much of each?

A typical can of Progresso or similar brand of soup contains 18.5 ounces of nutrient rich food and a broth (water based), that is more than one pound of food and a good way to get a variety of needed vitamins. So I always recommend at least 72 cans or 6 (12-can cases).

Canned vegetables too are good to have and typically weigh 14.5 ounces each and also have water base. You know what you like and will eat without thinking about it. Having 2 (12-can cases) of each is recommended.

Canned meats are also a good source of protein such as tuna, salmon and chicken. Now this will take a greater $$ bite out of you grocery budget. But be practical and by store brands which will save you huge over popular advertised brands. Having 2 (12-can cases) of each is recommended.

  1. Shelter

4-man-dome-tentWe must have shelter out of the elements and of course staying in our homes is the most reasonable way we will address this. But… yes there is always a BUT to anything I write. If you do not have a house but live in some apartment complex what happens then?

An apartment dweller must pay rent or face eviction and under normal living conditions this is not usually a problem but in a collapsing economy it certainly will become an issue.

Apartments mean having neighbors, lots of neighbors whom you do not know more than in passing. Usually many buildings and in times of economic strife the moods of these neighbors may be close to panic situations and desperate people will resort to desperate measures to survive and see to the survival of their family.

This is why I say have a 30-day stash and plan to load it up and get out of the city to a place of relative safety. A wooded area with a stream or access to water is best and not around others if it can be helped.

A good means of shelter besides a camper or van is a tent large enough to stand up in and to also accommodate each person in your party comfortably in sleeping arrangements. Sleeping bags are going to be a part of this purchase too. Here again don’t cheap out and buy an economy tent as you may find your going to be living in it for months. Do your due diligence and get a high quality tent to fit your needs, you can likely find many family tents that assemble fast and are under $500.

  1. Protection

ruger-10-22-takedownNow I’m not talking being a nut and taking out the first person you see walking in your sheltered vicinity out at 300 years with a high powered rifle.

We need to have some semblance of sanity here as people are going to be out hunting game, fishing, gathering wood for a fire or getting water and a bullet cutting their life short is a stupid move.

I’m discussing practical protection here not murder.

Practical protection doubles for your ability to become a hunter/gatherer also. At some point you will run out of your stored food and will like others need to hunt. A rifle that is practical is a .22 long rifle with a magazine. I recommend a Ruger 10/22 ($250 at Wal-Mart), its light weight, multiple shot magazine, easy to maintain, and accurate and 1,000 rounds of ammo weighs less than 4 pounds. Ammo is another thing you’ll need.

Many readers tout the good old AR15 in .223 or an AK47 in 7.62 x 39 and hell yes great weapon if you can afford one and can get enough ammo. This type of rifle is heavy, expensive to shoot and buy and requires a lot of maintenance.

So be practical a .22 caliber rifle for everyday use and a handgun also in .22LR that you can carry on your hip.

If you have the means get heavier caliber weapons and ammo that is a personal choice.

  1. Clothes and Tools

Clothing will and should be chosen serve multiple purposes, to protect you from elements, for sleeping and when worn out for bandages, slings and other necessities. Practical clothing such as jeans, cotton socks, under garments and shirts long and short sleeved, well fitting footwear you can walk distances in and a good wide brimmed hat. Have two of everything you need but shouldn’t weigh much if it becomes part of your backpack fittings.

hydro-pakPractical tools for me is a good fixed blade knife big enough to hack branches, a good folding blade knife to cut and do utility duty, a walking stick homemade or store bought, a good backpack, water storage canteens or poly bottles.

You never know when your ability to drive away will end when your gasoline is gone and getting some is history you’re going to end up walk and carrying everything to survive on your back. I advise you to read other articles I have written regarding that situation.

OK folks I seems to have gotten off on a tangent but it’s common sense. Now you just need to be diligent and watch what’s going on in the world though television or internet and when the European collapse begins you have less than 90-days to get your act together.



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