In A Survival Situation – Go It Alone, or With A Group?

It’s been said that money is the root of all evil maybe that is so but worse than money is greed.

What will you do in a survival situation when you’re fully provisioned with food, water and resources to hold you over for months or a year and a neighbor that’s been a friend come knocking seeking help, his children are hungry and they have run out of food?

Will you help them out?

This isn’t a trick question but it’s one you need to ask yourself. What in times of dire circumstance do you ignore someone else’s needs?

If it’s a natural disaster I would advise you to be neighborly and give assistance if you are able.

In a manmade end times scenario it becomes a matter of survival and those who are better prepared will have the best chance of making it through the beginning 3-4 months when chaos will reign.

Want a little advice? Form a group of friends you know you can trust, who have the wherewithal and skill sets to be an asset to the group.

This group should be people you know well and have a long and trusting relationship with.

Most adults without children should have a group of like individuals who are not burdened by children. This is not because children are a problem but for couples without them it will become one having to contend with their boredom, demands and constant illnesses. After a time this will definitely cause contention and the group will fall apart.

What is the most stable group environment?

There is really no set measuring bar for this but the group dynamic should be uniform, meaning each person should have a set amount of provisions, water or purification methods, gear both survival and protection tools and knowledge of how to use them.

People in your group should also have useful skills such as engineering ability, carpentry, mechanical knowledge, medical, military and other skills to contribute to the safety and survival of the group.

Living together, while at first glance this may sound practical it is not. Each couple should maintain their own quarters, have their own supplies kept in those quarters but still be part of the collective.

This is not a concept out of a 60’s ashram; but a practical scenario that allows continuity of the group, offers protection, still gives each couple privacy and access to items they have brought to the table in a previously arranged agreement as membership to the group.

In an end time scenario the ability to barter may get the group things they may need. Goods like soap, tooth brushes, medical supplies, mechanical parts and little things you take for granted in regular life.

Group Basic Rules for Membership

Food: Minimum amount of food per person should be reasonable and attainable usually 4 month’s minimum. Food’s the person likes to eat is important. The freeze dried, MRE’s and dehydrated stuff will be nutritious but often lack a satisfying taste. If you are looking at canned goods and dry goods about 400 pounds of food if chosen carefully will last 6 months.

Water: 90-days per person – 45 gallons using 64 ounces a day minimum.

Protection: Rifle (500 rounds ammo), handgun (500 rounds ammo), knife (folding and fixed), these should be carried or within reach at all times.

Clothing: There is no need to go out and but military camo when jeans and what you wear daily will work and not cost you any money. Having at minimum of 4 days change of clothing is best along with a few well fitting pairs of walking shoes with socks for a week.

Transportation and Fuel: Having a good transport vehicle is ideal with the ability to load up people and goods and also tow a trailer loaded with items should the neighborhood begin to get untenable to your continued safety.

Medical: BIG NECESSITY – a well provisioned medical kit and DO NOT skimp here.

Shelter: A large tent, travel trailer or something mobile is a necessity.

BUG OUT: Each couple should have a well provisioned bug out bag with at least 7 days supply of food, water purification, tent, a sleeping bag, clothing, and medical kit.

Remember this group is about survival.


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