Teaching Survival as a Family and Enjoying the Experience

No one wants to cause panic or fear in their spouse and children and when global chaos erupts it’s better to have them prepared to deal with these complex issues, not afraid.

As a youth I enjoyed sharing the wilderness with family and friends hiking, camping and going on fishing trips with my uncle and cousins. Sharing the experience of the outdoors with your children is the best way to prepare them should harsh survival type living conditions become necessary.

Preparing Mentally

Being ready for the Zombie Apocalypse is a popular Hollywood theme and in real life is not a reality but a meltdown of the global financial system or a manmade electromagnetic pulse devise (EMP) detonated over the USA would destroy the American electrical grid and changes our lives as we now know and live.

A simple solution is not to think as though there will be a global catastrophe but how you can be ready to protect your family in the case of a severe natural disaster.

Natural disasters occur in every state of the country hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, forest fires, droughts and frigid blizzard condition which take lives and destroy property. Yet people survive these tragedies and go on living and thriving, saying something about the resilience and will to live of our species.

Being prepared to deal with these conditions isn’t rocket science but simply taking the time to assess what is needed not only in the way of supplies but the psychology of training your family to cope when life throws them a curve.

The easiest method of prepping for a disaster is to have gear, food and water you keep for emergencies you can throw in the family vehicle and drive to safety should something dreadful happen making it better for you to seek shelter elsewhere other than bugging-in.

What do you take?

First take a real assessment of the size of your family, ages of your children and a realistic look at your own physical condition and that of your spouse. Are you young, fit robust and capable of hiking 15 miles a day with a 50 pound pack or like most Americans a little out of shape and the thought of hiking anywhere other than to your recliner is a joke.

OK let’s take a typical family for example: Husband – a regular working stiff, a little out of shape, 20 pounds past his prime pushing or over 40. Spouse – full-time house wife approaching 40 with school aged children and one toddler, kids a daughter 12 and two sons 10 and 3.

Accurately assessing this family’s needs capabilities, resources and abilities.

Financially they can afford quality, long lasting gear. Teaching the family to work together as a team while having fun doing it is the key to their success and best chances of surviving in nearly every instance they may encounter.

How do you achieve this family unity?

Teach the kids about camping and the outdoors through sharing the experience with them.

Let’s begin with what you will need to have to accomplish this creative learning experience.


ozarktentA tent large enough to accommodate a family of eight providing extra room to sleep, have an indoor area to store you gear and playroom for kids when outside conditions are poor. The tent should be easy to set up with a strong framework, attached floor and a rain fly.

Setting it up in your back yard with the help of your kids should be a great beginning to develop family unity and become familiar with your equipment.

Besides the kids can invite their friends over and share an exciting overnight campout with them.


Now water is always a concern and having water for drinking, cooking and hygiene especially with kids is a task but can be solved if you are resourceful and prepare correctly.


personal-water-filter-bottleBerkey water filters come in a number of configurations that can fit this size family for around $300 and are gravity filters capable of providing more than enough water for all this families needs. And for each person’s use a Berkey 22-ounce sports water bottle that has its own filtration system capable of filtering 110 gallons of water for around $40 each; a similar size Nalgene water bottle for everyday drinking needs are recommended for the kids and adults.


Having the right kinds of foods is an important issue especially for kids whose taste buds are not yet developed and many foods and vegetable they find are not palatable because of taste or feel.

What are the right kinds of things to pack for an extended outing? The things you eat regularly at home is the key here, your kids develop easting routines and habits. Incorporate things they like that can be stored for long-term use such aspeanut butter, sugared cereals, protein bars and hard candies.

Canned goods such as pork and beans, simple soups, ravioli, Spaghettios, fruit cocktail and meats such as tuna, chicken and fish are basics. These items keep indefinitely and having several cases of each on hand for emergencies will make your life away from home easier.

Dry goods that can be boiled such as beans and pasta with added seasoning make decent meals too and are nutritious.

Medical Care

first-aid-kitKids by their nature come with every ailment under the sun and having an extremely well supplied medical kit on hand is practical and necessary.

Family Preparedness Kit – $140 and well worth every penny.

All I am trying to tell you is teach the kids about nature by sharing camping trips with them. These trips will not only prepare them should it become necessary to leave home for long periods of time but it creates lifelong memories they and you wioll cherish when they are grown and have family’s of their own.

Everyone procrastinates, everyone hesitates because of spending the money but what are your family’s lives worth?

For under $2,000 you can be basically equipped and for around $3,500 you can be as well prepared as a small army would be to cope with nearly every situation you may encounter.


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