Is Anarchy Coming to America

Anarchy-in-the-USAThis country is a very different place than I grew up in and it’s not changing for the better.

It’s come to the point in America that police officers are under suspicion, not trusted by the public, hunted down shot and killed by the very criminals they are paid to protect us against.

People do not realize law enforcement professionals are not in their jobs for the money as the average pay nationally is $48,000 a year and half that in small boroughs and towns – yet they face danger with every car they stop and with every call they answer.

In this year alone 99 officers have died in line of duty by various methods but still the women and men of law enforcement report to work every day and pursue crime.

I asked once if officers see anarchy coming to America.

First we have to define what anarchy is – it’s when disorder in society occurs or people no longer recognize legitimate authority.

LAPD-memorialWhat happens when there is war, an economic depression or a collapse of society? Usually we have an elected government to provide answers and solutions but when that authority is no longer trusted people erupt into chaos, looting, murder, theft and civil disobedience.

Right now we have law and order and those officers I asked about anarchy coming to America said they’ve seen changes over years past and they worry about their own and their family’s safety too.

When and if chaos and anarchy prevails will they do as officer’s did in New Orleans after Katrina and walk off the job to protect their homes and families – I hope not for all our sakes.

What would you do?


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