In a Survival Situation What Do You Do About Medications?

Of course we can get a storable supply of meds we require or can we? Most medicines that are not classified list – yes. Some medications are only issued for 90 days with no way for you to get a storable supply in case of an emergency.

What do you do – have a Panic Attack?

No, consider learning about natural substitutes for these medications.

The natural substitutes may not have the potency of the pharmaceutical brands but may provide the relief you need to battle pain and related maladies afflicting you or a family member.

Natural substitutes for pharmaceutical brands

While these are not FDA or AMA recognized medications many have merit, work effectively, are readily available at health food retailers such as Whole Foods or online, have a considerable shelf life, minimal or no side effects and have a price as low as 1/10 that of the pharmaceutical brands.

survival-situationWhere can you find this information? Look online at and for healthy alternatives.

Will there always be substitutes? Unfortunately no but about 85% of the time there are singular substitutes or formulas that offer the ability to mix different types into effective compounds.

It’s your life and eating naturally and feeding your body healthy non-side effect medicines may be a perfect choice for a better life.

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