Bugging In Your House or Apartment During the SHTF

I have written dozens of articles touting everything from bugging out to saving your family and now I want to make a serious suggestion – BUGGING IN.

People get angry with me because I use foul language sometimes as though they do not tough read survival articles somewhere else.

If you have a house or an apartment when the excrement hits the oscillating blades (for you politically correct dumbasses) and you were caught by surprise – stay where you are at; this is called Bugging In.

Why? People will be going nuts, killing one another in the streets and even if you consider yourself a modern day Rambo it’s only you and it might as well be the zombie hoard your defending yourself against because it will be never ending throngs of people out to steal everything they believe they should have including your food, water and life.

Here is a good way to do a quickie survival closet storage system.


water-bottleFirst, get yourself some beefy but manageable water storage containers. I prefer 5-gallon units (41 pounds) for keeping in the closet or in a place I can get to them easily. They are movable with a little effort and stackable from a local bottled water company and a eleven cases of Wal-Mart’s 35 (16.9 ounce) bottled water cases ($3.50) for daily use when the facets go dry; this amount provides minimum of 50 gallons for drinking and cooking only not meant to be used for hygiene. The weight is 400# and lasts for 100 days duration, cost less than $40.


Second, get several dozen cases of canned goods of foods that you like at least 24 cans of each and don’t forget dry goods. But store brands to save money and believe me you’ll find out that you’ll have about 350# of food but it can last you for 3 months and will cost less than $300.


remington-870Third, something powerful and cheap is a 12-guage shotgun. I prefer a pump style that holds 5 shells in the tube and one in the chamber. The best kind is anything you can afford and usually used is ok too. Ammo is cheap about $25 for 100 shells at Wal-Mart sporting goods.

You’re not going to be hunting but maybe being hunted and you want something that will keep those prowlers at bay and goes BOOM!!! Really, really loud.

My advice for you newbie’s to survival – STAY PUT!


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    EverettRSteier July 27, 2015 at 12:16 pm

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    Chris December 29, 2015 at 12:42 pm

    People never talk about waste disposal.

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