Will You Choose to Take Your Dog When Your Survival is at Stake?

An interesting question isn’t it?

To most families the family pet is like a member of the family and sustaining their health and happiness is a relevant part of your life because you receive unconditional love from them and in turn nurture your pet.

A dog has proven itself in times of war and for law enforcement and home security. They did not fail to stand up to the most gruesome of odds willingly risking life and limb in defense of their master they dedicated themselves to.

If the world suddenly erupts into chaos will you take you buddy with you?

dog-prepperHow can they become a useful member in your survival team?

Best Prepper Dog?

When you think of a survival dog you probably see a large pedigree breed such as a German Shepard, Doberman pinscher, Golden Retriever or Dalmatian used as service and police dogs. But the truth is any mutt can be a good survival dog.

It’s also true a large breed dog can be more useful in carrying gear when equipped with the right kind of carry device.

Even your little five pound guy can be an early detection device when they feel a threat or unfamiliar person or animal is near giving you that needed instant to prepare yourself for a good or a bad meeting.

My Maltepoo Angel is too sociable and loves people and other dogs too so as a survival dog not high on the list but no way I would leave her to fend for herself and I bet your trusted companion would be by your side too.

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