Training Your Pet to be Useful during Survival Situations

survival-dog-trainingPeople think that an older dog cannot be trained if he’s just the household pet – what a misconception that is – all dogs can be taught numerous tricks and learned behaviors from commands to transporting light weights according to their breeds even if it’s a small dog just being able to carry a couple pounds of foods to sustain it for a couple weeks.

How you might ask do I go about training my dog to be a survival dog?

Personally I’d advise you to seek the help of a dog training professional and in every community you will find trainer’s with excellent credentials and references – please do yourself a favor and don’t take Uncle Joe’s recommendation of his buddy George as a viable resource – remember last time a relative gave you advice on hiring someone?

That ceiling fan they installed never has worked right has it?

One of the best places on the internet to locate a qualified person is, or the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

It’s absolutely the best choice for your pet and you.

Why you? You need training too on how to handle the responsibility of what you are expecting from your beloved pet because they are relying on you to know what’s right and what’s not for their wellbeing.


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