Wandering in the wilderness and living off the land.

I’m sitting here watching old westerns, cooking dinner (nothing fancy) and writing my thoughts.

As I get older and realize I have a finite amount of time left here on this planet I want to live the remaining days in peace and tranquility prepared for the worst but hoping for the best.

Do I really expect the world to fall into chaos and turbulent times – unfortunately yes I do.

Occupy-LAIt’s rearing its ugly head all the time racial tensions are boiling over in many parts of the country and with the instigators paid to incite the riots, devastation and causing the police to react with deadly effects it will spread like wildfire across this great nation. They will burn, pillage, loot and commit mayhem and rampant death to anyone they come across innocent or not.

I see future time of war regional then global beginning with the Balkan states, including Syria and Iran and coming from the south in Mexico as militants invade our country with a do nothing, look the other way administration lets things fall to hell.

Am I advocating any kind of militia action – no I think that type of thinking is foolish and dangerous to everyone who gets involved. The US military authorities would never tolerate any kind of armed insurrection or private army roaming around and would quickly quell it to the point of using lethal force.

I advocate no one to be armed out looking to use lethal force to protect stuff only your life when and if necessary. We were not placed here on this Earth to take another humans life, steal their humanity through molestation, violence or rape, take what is theirs and bully or treat poorly anyone. These types of brutality should be quickly and swiftly taken care of no matter what is necessary use of force to accomplish the task. But mob violence, gang activity or brutalization and taking from someone what they need to survive.

Don’t plan on returning to living like Daniel Boone hunting, fishing and eking out meager sustenance from the wilderness simply because I don’t know if in today’s world if it would be sustainable for a long period of time.

Back in those early times they made jerky of the meats to last a long time and dried berries and diced fruits to make pemmican they kept in 6# leather pouches they wore in a sling with their powder and ammo.

A modern woodsman would likely have a small caliber rifle like an AR15 and a sidearm pistol and knife, dress in black or camouflage clothing and most not have the sense of real survival God gave a stone. They have the latest and greatest accoutrements and fanciest brands but not what would be necessary to survive and over time they too would perish.

Skills: Have a working knowledge of the terrain, weather and hazards you’ll have to cope with traveling. A USGS quadrangle map is helpful for short forays into the woods for a day or more.

Long term skills are knowledge of how to determine direction, where to find and purify water, edible plants, plants that can be used for medicine in case of emergencies, knowledge of first aid for yourself and others, signaling in case of an emergency, use of electronics to contact others for help.

Gear: Backpack: water purification kit, fire starter, sleeping bag, tent, poncho, cooking method and utensils, 5-8 days of dehydrated or freeze dried food, gallon of water in canteens or hydration pack – 100 ounces plus two 1 quart backpacking bottles, machete or large blade knife, fishing tackle, first aid kit, knife and utility Leatherman. Walking staff or stick and compass worn on a lanyard.

Protection and Hunting: Firearms for hunting and protection (two & four legged kind), Rifle – semiautomatic with 300 rounds of ammunition, shotgun with 100 round of ammunition, handgun either a revolver or semiautomatic with 150 rounds of ammunition.

Weight Issues:

Backpack – 25# for 2-3 day outing – 50# for week to 10 day outing, 75# for long-term 14-21 day expedition or 120# on large spoke wheel pull able cart for permanent stay.

Pull able large wheeled cart: 250# – 300# permanent stay – tent, 50# backpack (with gear from above), rifle & 300 rounds ammo, handgun & 150 rounds ammo, shotgun and 150 rounds ammunition, fishing gear, sleeping bag, ground protection, 10’ x 12’ tarp, first aid kit, 100 – 1 quart Ziploc heavy duty storage bags, food – 3 month’s supply – dehydrated, dry goods and canned goods, water – bottled water – (70) – 16.9 ounce bottles -1 month’s supply, 5- 1 gallon jugs for washing and hygiene, cooking gear and utensils, matches, lighters and fire starter, map of area if Bureau of land management or national forest area. Have solid sides on the cart and a tie down heavy duty canvass tarp over the top. If at all possible have items in clear plastic 14’w x 17” h x 24”l plastic topped bins to keep out rain, insects and rodents.

The large spoke wheeled (26”) cart may sound like a bit of a burden to pull with up to 200# (1 person)- 300# (2-person) loaded if you keep properly hydrated, warm/dry and eat enough you will be able to do this without a great deal of effort and sustain yourself for quite a long time 3-6 months without resupply except water.

Hunting and fishing

This is not an easy accomplished task since in the wild an animal quickly goes into decomposition. Getting the animal skinned (properly removing the flesh later to salt and dry pelt), cut off large fleshy chunks of meat to then cut into strips and let dry over a flame or smoking to keep insects from laying eggs and decomposition.

Fish are usually small and can be gutted and filet for immediate eating. Watch for parasites, cook thoroughly.

Squirrels red – 3-5# and gray 1-2# these are usually yield a small portion of meat ¼ of body weight is normal for immediate usage. Watch for parasites, cook thoroughly.

Rabbits are abundant in woodland setting and can be snared, trapped or shot easily. The usually weigh 3-6#, clean easy and yield about 50% of body weight in meat. They can be used immediately or smoked and jerked. Watch for parasites, cook thoroughly.

Possum are usually 15-20# are hard to kill and when dressed out yield about 5-7# of meat you can dry it is gamy and requires getting used to. Watch for parasites, cook thoroughly.

Deer are large game cleaned and dressed out a 150# deer can yield 75# of meat. The smoking and jerky time usually requires 12-15 hours to make right then seal in 1 quart Ziploc heavy duty bags getting out all the air possible and put in a preservative bag in each baggie. These bags will keep your meat safe to eat for 1-1/2 to 2 months you can use for food and/or barter if you come across another party. Watch for parasites, cook thoroughly.

Elk are huge animals ranging from 250# doe – 700# bulls. They are hard to kill and shoot to kill because a wounded animal will charge you to kill. An average size is 300# and will yield 40% of its body weight in meat that can be smoked or jerked. The pelt is huge and properly cleaned and tanned will provide good ground cover and warmth/dryness if caught in a rain storm.

Black Bear are large dangerous game that should be avoided if possible but it’s a guarantee they will be curious and wish to separate you from your food. If you are shooting shoot to kill not to scare because they will attack or threaten you off. The meat can be eaten but has to be boiled as its strong gamy taste is hard to stomach. An average black bear is 100# – 300# is a curious animal and not afraid of humans.

Grizzly Bear is an enormous animal weighing from 500# – 1,500#. Drop your stuff and run for your life. They will kill you, eat you and shit you out. Do not try and get brave you will most certainly die trying?

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    Jack July 18, 2015 at 4:39 am

    When asked, Why do you need X? in that spiteful tone that so many progs are fond of spnakieg in, I tell the questioner to **** off. They don’t get to dictate to me what I need or don’t need. This is part of what’s wrong with today’s society. I’m not anyone’s boy and no one is my master. It’s insulting and degrading. By trying to seriously answer their question and justify whatever it is that you need or want to them, you are feeding their sick ego and essentially subjugating yourself to them. This is a slave mentality that we’re taught early on when we’re children in school. We’re taught to always respect authority and try to answer every question. Some questions, like the one I outlined above and obviously loaded ones, should not be answered out of general principle in any way beyond **** you. It’s not for them to decide.If they want to ask me why people in general need 30 round mags that’s fine. But when they get personal with it, that’s going too far.

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