Seeing the Light – The Best Flashlight for when the SHTF

This may seem like a foolish subject but flashlights when the SHTF will be one of the most welcome items you will possess.

300lumenEvery have the lights go out in a department store while shopping? It’s a harrowing experience and if it weren’t for temporary backup lighting it would be a pitch black nightmare where you would be disoriented if it were night and you couldn’t detect sunlight at the entrance which at least you’d have during the day.

There are two (2) types of flashlights I have in my bugout bag and another on my person all the time.The first is a 300 lumen flashlight that provides an intense beam of light, is moderately light weight and uses two “C” batteries.


Next is my daily carry. A small 4-inch long clip onI carry in my pocket, uses a AA battery and is considered tactical for protective use.


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