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Yes sometimes things I write are crass, non-politically correct but that’s just me I guess.

Recently I have begun to realize my years on this piece of terra-firma may be numbered and as I reach my golden years they differ greatly from those of my working years when I have lots of disposable income.

As I contemplated my future months ago I wondered what decisions would be right for me? Should I hunker down, pay rent, live as comfortable as my income would allow leaving my estate to my relations?

I decided no way… spend every dam dime while I’m alive enjoying what time I have left whether a week or two more decades as long as I am healthy and mobile.

So what is a reasonable decision? I decided on RV living.

Yep having a house on wheels where I could be in a different location every day if I so chose to do so.


An RV is a different type of living than the brick and mortar concept our parents lived.

It’s about freedom of movement. Being able to live comfortably with all the amenities of a regular house with all your belongings but wherever you happen to wake up that morning.

You can see one type a Class A motor coach the size of a bus from 30’ – 40’ in length, 12-feet tall capable of a driving range of 500 miles on a single fill-up. It has all the amenities you would ever need to live comfortably living space, spacious bedroom, kitchen and dining, bathroom with shower and a flat screen television.

The difference is it has 10 tires, a motor and can go anywhere on land that your heart and mind can improvise. These behemoths are not overly economical getting an average of 8 miles per gallon with massive 60-100 gallon fuel tanks that can be pricy to fill up.

If the idea of dropping $120 – $200 for a fill-up that will only get you 400 – 500 miles makes your head start to spin in circles the RV lifestyle is definitely not for you.

You have to take your head and wallet out of the automobile concept where you have a 20 gallon tank, get 20 miles per gallon and a driving range of 400 miles. An RV gets 8 mpg which is absolutely awful for a car but great for a house – the choice for me is simple.

It provides a person like me a vision of freedom and mobility not like taking a vacation in my car, staying at hotels for $100 a night, eating meals 3 times a day in restaurants another $50 a day or the worst inconveniencing a relative who isn’t thrilled about having you interrupt their lives either but they did it to you for the last 30 years so turnabout was fair play.

But now that is all behind you – you can live in piece saving over $1,000 you would have spent with just a week’s vacation driving and getting accommodation’s.

I won’t get into all the types of RV mobile transportation and there are many out there. There are specifically two types drivable RV’s and towable RV’s.

Another great way to go is with a towable travel trailer.


A travel trailer has been around since before WWII offering families a dry place to stay without the cost of a hotel and the discomfort of crawling in and out of a tent and sleeping on the hard ground in a sleeping bag.

As you can see it’s well designed, spacious according to the size you chose and you tow it behind your vehicle, park it wherever you chose and use your vehicle to see the sights.

Why RV Living?

Over the years I used to love to go camping when in my 30’s an old girl friend and I bought a travel trailer we used to go on vacation and the RV lifestyle got in my blood. It allowed me to have comfortable accommodations with a full sized bed, a refrigerator to keep the food and beer cold, a stove to cook on but the luxury of a mice awning I could let out even in inclement weather keeping me dry, using my LP gas grill to barbeque and enjoy that meal in my folding chair looking out over a picturesque landscape.

I pulled it from the swamp savannas of Florida to the desert of Arizona into the Colorado Rockies seeing the grandeur that is America and staying each night in comfort.

While it is not for everyone once you do experience it I can guarantee you’ll be as hooked as I am and look anxiously forward to it once again.

If you’re in your retirement years, own a house, building up an estate to leave your children that is noble too – me I am spending every nickel of that inheritance enjoying wherever my wheel point and my ass is sitting at that very moment.

The choices are endless…



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