A Poor Mans Survival Guide

Canned foods – yes they are heavy and require being opened, require space and would be difficult to transport but… they have full nutrition and liquid in the cans. This liquid is always water based and can also sustain you. The foods you pick – simple – ones you like and normally eat. Soups but larger cans like Progresso and Campbell’s Hungry Man one can substitute for a full day’s meal. Canned meats like tuna and chicken and canned vegetables like corn, beans and potatoes can supplement and sustain your vitamin needs.

For about $200 you can get yourself a 3-month Survival Kit you can eat decently with foods you like and won’t be so bulky it cannot be transported about 75#:

Canned meats:

Tuna – 40 cans – $0.75 per can

Chicken – 40 cans – $1.78 per can

Corn (whole kernel) – 36 cans – $0.68 per can

Beans (green beans & kidney beans) – 36 cans – $0.68 per can

Carrots – 24 cans – $0.68 per can

Potatoes – 24 cans – $0.68 per can

Soups – (18-ounce) 40 cans – $1.60 per can

Pasta (dry) – 10# – $10

Rice (dry) – 10# – $8

Salt – 10# – $5

Sugar – 10# – $5

Coffee (freeze dried) – 5# – $15

Dried fruits – 10# – $25

Toilet paper – 30 rolls Jumbo size – multiple uses


What about sanitation? – dig a hole = do your business and bury it – away from your water source by 100 feet.


Hygiene – brush your teeth and wash your body stay as free of unwanted bacteria as you can it can and will kill you if you’re not careful.


ammoPeople worry too much about personal protection and I assure you the nut jobs who have 50 weapons and thousands of rounds of ammo have it all wrong – have the basics:


  • Shotgun – Here bigger is better, buy that 12-guage and in a pump holding at least 6 shots. A shotgun is a multipurpose weapon for protection and hunting. Ammo is cheap and you should have 500 rounds stored.


  • Assault Rifle – An assault rifle if you plan on holding back the marauding hordes which truth be told will be highly unlikely but small groups who may be out foraging is a fact you’ll have to face. Have at least 10 loaded high capacity magazines and an additional 500 rounds for later.


  • Air Rifle – This is a cheap way to get small game a GAMO or Daisy at least 950 fps and 1,000 rounds of ammo both under $150


  • Handgun – here remains a personal choice between a revolver and a semi-auto:


  • Revolver – The pros of a revolver are it doesn’t jamb and you have a purpose to make every shot count instead of spraying the room. The cons are a smaller supply of bullets. Have at least 500 rounds


  • Semi – Auto – The pros of the semi-auto advantage is you can put a lot of lead to the needed target the cons are maintenance issues and a huge supply of ammo. At least 500 rounds

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